Fun Sex Games For Couples – Be His Prisoner

Fun sex games for couples are a sure fire wire to have more fun in the bedroom, well any room for that matter. Having great sex is all about thinking creatively, stepping outside your comfort zone and being open to trying new things. If you are looking to break the same old sexual routine then I highly suggest you incorporate some fun sex for couples into your arsenal.

In this article we will be talking about a great little sex game called Prisoner. Simply put, you become your partners prisoner, this can be the man or the woman but in most cases it usually starts with the woman. Now that is not set in stone but most woman find this game highly erotic and it really is one of the best fun sex games for couples to play.

All that is required for this game is four men’s neckties or more fancy restraints that you can get from a sex store but neckties work just as well and are more than likely already in the house. Hopefully your bed has posts but if not you can still make this came work you just need to be a bit more creative.

Playing this games involves having your man loosely restraining you on the bed. He will tie your wrists and ankles to the bed posts and have his way with you. If you are nervous about playing this type of game, don’t be. Discuss any concerns you have with your partner and have a code word so he knows if you want to be untied.

If you have never tired games I highly suggest playing this one, it really is one of the best fun sex games for couples. Why? Being completely powerless is highly erotic. Knowing the you are the center of his attention and have no control or responsibility as to what happens to you will get the juices flowing quicker than you can imagine.